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A New Chain of Trust is on the Block

Integrating Trust

ActiveLedger, the evolution of distributed ledgers, brings chains of trust together.


Visibility of transactions as they happen with instantaneous compliance and audit reporting

Easy to use

A distributed ledger which integrates and operates in harmony with your current infrastructure

Reduce Administration

Release your workforce from mundane administration and focus on business development


Our Services

Agility Sciences created ActiveLedger, a powerful distributed ledger technology that can be adapted and integrated with any of your current technologies.

Consider it as a single ledger updated simultaneously in multiple locations. As data is written to one ledger it is approved and confirmed by all locations. It is decentralised, aware of its environment and location enabling complex regulation and compliance rules to operate independently and work harmoniously between separate jurisdictions.

Bespoke Software Development

Our professional software development team are ready to receive any requirements of software development as per your need.

We will asses your requirements and will provide you the development plan and timeline for you to approve.

DLT Development

We have development team that specialised in Distributed Ledger development for the following platforms:

  • ActiveLedger Development
  • Ethereum Development
  • Hyperledger Development

The New Chain of Trust

ActiveLedger is the first in a new generation of distributed ledger technologies to offer fast, low cost solution for agile development teams. Unlike ordinary cryptographic solutions, ActiveLedger simplifies the process of transmitting secure data between peers.

DLT - Custom DashboardActiveLedger has a dashboard view of transactions and a complete versioned history of each transaction which is immutable and indelibly recorded in a distributed ledger. The data is presented in a clear and human readable form.  No longer does your distributed ledger require a long and painful learning curve to operate.

ActiveLedger includes API’s and Connectors to common accounting packages and communicates with a growing landscape of CRM systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint, SalesForce, PipeDrive, Oracle, and Sage.


Key Principles

  1. TRANSPARENCY:  The ability to check immediately the right of transfer for a potential counter party, before entering into an action or trade without resorting to the services of a trusted third party.
  2. ANONYMITY: The potential to transact anonymously and to keep aggregate portfolios anonymous.
  3. TRACEABILITY: The ability to trace the full chain of ownership of an asset, if and when required by contract or law.
  4. LONGEVITY: The facility to document ownership over very long periods of time (and in some cases infrequently).
  5. FLEXIBILITY: The capability to be agnostic both to the type of asset transacted, and to the contract terms entered into by the transacting parties.
  6. IMMEDIACY: The characteristic of any counter party check or subsequent transaction to be immediate and final.
  7. CONDITIONALLY: The capacity to support strict and unambiguous conditions to asset transfers (“I will transfer this holding to you, if and only if, you transfer that holding to me”).
  8. TOTALITY: The binary property of every transaction to either complete (“settle”) in its entirety, or fail in its entirety.
  9. FINALITY: The characteristic of all completed transactions to be final, indisputable and impossible to retract or change.
  10. NON-DUPLICATION: The impossibility to “double spend”, that is, transfer a right to one party and then transfer the same right to another.
  11. DIVISIBILITY: The right to divide and combine quantities of assets in a flexible, generic manner (if permitted to do so).
  12. MULTILATERAL TRANSACTIONS:  The ability to complete a simultaneous multi-lateral transaction.
  13. SCALEABILITY: The capability to scale the infrastructure to enormous transaction volumes.
  14. TERRITORIALITY: The ability to demonstrate ultimate record ownership and given set of rights reside in a specific geographical location.
  15. WORKFLOW AUTOMATION: (sometimes referred to as smart contracts) Asset movement control
  16. INTERCONNECTIVITY:  The ability to connect to ordinary blockchain and distributed ledger technologies and IoT devices.
  17. INTEROPERABILITY:  No need change your entire strategy; ActiveLedger allows you to work side-by-side with your current system and to switch only when you are confident it can be done safely.
  18. DATA PROPOGATION: Storing data such as images and video on the chain with permission and node management

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